Back at the Appalachian Trail – Day 8

After a peaceful night abetted by my ear plugs that muffled the traffic noise from Hwy 302, I packed up and started uphill at 6 am. For a short ways the trail was easy but then headed uphill more steeply. When I arrived at the Webster Cliffs, I'd gained 2,000 feet of elevation. I enjoyed views of the valley below. Up a steep rocky trail to Mt Webster then a short climb to Mt Jackson. The trail descended a bit to the Mizpah hut where I scored a huge bowl of leftover oatmeal. Then uphill once more. While skirting Mt Eisenhower, I twisted my right ankle twice. As a consequence, I had no confidence in my right ankle, which created big problems rock hopping. I slowed my pace and reached Lake of the Clouds (see photo) but without incident. Ironically, I hiked 11 miles in 7.5 hours - a good pace for me. I got a work for stay slot at the hut then sat around for the afternoon reading. Hundreds of day hikers appeared throughout the day. Fellow north-bounder Rope Burn taped my ankle.  I ate dinner then cleaned up the kitchen with my hiker pals after the paying guests ate dinner. Tomorrow morning, I'll hike 1.5 miles to Mt. Washington to see how my ankle works. I called Betsy and Riley to tell them of my predicament. I hope isn't the end of my hike.

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