Back at the Appalachian Trail – Day 10

When I awoke this morning my sore left thigh told me to take a day off. I walked several blocks to Welshes Restaurant for a huge breakfast with Yesseree Bob and Tall Hiker. Back at the Barn hostel (see photo), I lounged around. Lying on a couch with my legs elevated while reading a book about Gandhi was especially delightful. After lunch, I walked to the post office to mail stuff that I'm not using home. I called daughter Helen on the way back to the Barn and chatted. More lounging. Barn proprietor Paul took a load of us hikers to Walmart where I bought a half gallon of chocolate milk and an ankle brace. Back at the Barn I doctored my feet and right leg then ordered a pizza. I'm hopeful that my day off has healed my leg sufficiently that I can hike 13 miles tomorrow.

2 Responses

  1. Chocolate milk! That’s your soul food.

  2. Alan Carpenter: fueled by chocolate milk!

    I hope your ankle is holding up … keep on rollin’!

    Maybe you will meet Attie, who has been the subject of ongoing updates on the podcast, Mighty Blue on the Appalachian Trail. If you do, tell her I said hi!

    Pony/Clay Bonnyman Evans


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