Alan Carpenter Head Shot JMT 2010

About Alan T. Carpenter

Alan Carpenter has logged 6,500 miles of long-distance hiking and cycling adventures. They include the John Muir Trail (twice), the Colorado Trail (twice), and the Pacific Crest Trail. He cycled the Pacific Coast bike route from Canada to the US-Mexico border and repeated the portion from Crescent city, California to Santa Barbara. Starting April 17, 2016, Alan embarks on the through hike of the Appalachian Trail. Check his blog for news of his adventure!

Speaking Engagements

Alan enjoys sharing his adventures and “wisdom from the trail” by giving talks about his long-distance hiking and cycling adventures to local audiences.  If you wish to hire him for your next conference or event, Alan is available for regional and national speaking engagements.  Visit Alan's other website at alantcarpenter.com for more information.


Alan's Journals

During his long-distance adventures, Alan keeps daily field journals of his experiences along the trail and road. After each adventure, he edits the field journals, combines hem with photographs he takes along the way, adds, other useful information such as a summary of what he learned, gear lists, questions and answers, and maps in some cases, maps of the route. The resulting journals appear in an 8.5 x 11 inch format. Visit our store for more details!